Thursday, June 24, 2010


One of my favorite tools in photoshop is the ability to transform photos into watercolor. I find that photos with high color saturation and minimal detail lend themselves best to creating a watercolor image. I have been experimenting with several different photos with varying results. These are a few that made the cut so to speak.

This is my favorite. The effect is subtle but I feel truly represents how watercolor can transform an already beautiful image into a work of art.

This was taken at Salisbury Beach MA near the State Park. One of my favorite spots at the ocean to take the family.

Purple Iris. This one was a bit more tricky to get the effect to look good. As with any of the photos I transform into watercolor the effect is best appreciated when enlarged to 11x14 or larger on matte paper or canvas.

This was taken at the Quabbin Reservoir in New Salem MA. The reservoir was created in 1939 by the Army Corp of Engineers by flooding a valley containing 6 towns in central/western MA. It provides drinking water to the city of Boston and 40 other communites in eastern MA. The land surrounding it is protected and provides miles of hiking trails and some of the best fishing in the state.

I created this using a different technique called pallete knife. It took a lot longer to get the desired look mainly due to the contrast between the mushrooms and the bark on the tree. Overall I'm happy with the results.

Monarch butterfly...this was one of several that we raised from caterpillars two summers ago.

I have a few more that I'm still working on and will post when completed. I will be offering each of these framed up to 16x20 in size on matte paper, fine art paper and canvas. Visit my website for ordering info and size availability.

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