Monday, June 7, 2010


Well it's about time. I finally got around to writing a blog. I'm not much of a writing person, I prefer to express myself with my camera. Mostly weddings and portraits and now find myself looking for new photographic challenges. 2010 is not shaping up the way I had planned with photography, it seems that although couples are still getting married they are more price conscious than ever. But I am prepared to weather the storm so to speak. I've been a photographer for 20 years and will continue to cater to couples for years to come.

This season started late, my first wedding was on the 29th of May at a beautiful venue in Ridge NH, The Cathedral of the Pines. Anyone who has had the opportunity to visit or attend a wedding there knows what I'm referring to. The grounds for ceremonies and pictures is breathtaking. Over the years I have been a part of probably a dozen or so weddings there and I never get tired of going back. I have several photos posted on Facebook as well as on my website

I enjoyed working with Jennifer and James, creating lasting memories for them to share with their friends and family. Their reception was held nearby at the Woodbound Inn in Jaffrey, NH. The staff at the Woodbound Inn were very gracious and easy to work with. The grounds have many locations for pictures, unfortunately it began to rain shortly after our arrival and we were limited on outside photographs.

As with every wedding I photograph, I feel I am as excited as the bride & groom to see the final images. I try to be creative and expressive with the images I capture, preferring to shoot on the fly rather than pose. However, every couple is different and I always cater to their wishes. Black & White is quickly becoming my favorite. So much so that I have decided to invest in a film camera to shoot just black & white alongside digital (for primarily color).

The most difficult challenge has been marketing to couples planning weddings in my area. Living in a small community has it's advantages and disadvantages. Only a handful of weddings take place each season and even with not a lot of competition the economy has taken it's bite on the market. My hope is to get my name recognized as a photographer with several projects that will in the end payoff with more leads for weddings.

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