Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today's photo of the day

Today's photo of the day is a watercolor image of a Lily flower. I really enjoy photographing flowers, it's a nice break from shooting weddings and youth sports. This was taken over July 4th weekend at my wife's Aunt's and Uncle's home in Orange MA. As with many images I capture I had already in mind what I wanted the final image to look like. After adjusting the saturation and contrast I used a tool in Photoshop to apply a watercolor texture to closely represent a painting.

This is my favorite image that I have taken of a flower to date. I love how the Lily stands out from the background. The watercolor effect really becomes apparent when enlarged.

I have many images of nature and landscape that I transform into watercolor works of art and make available to sell through my website and on This particular image is made available as a fine art print on canvas from 11x14 up to 16x20. I also offer it on professional Kodak paper matted and framed in a variety of sizes perfect for hanging in your home or office.

To view more fine art prints for sale visit my website and go to the Photo Art page.

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