Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflections of 2011

So here we are at the end of 2011, at this time I find myself reflecting back on a few accomplishments as I look ahead to the promise that 2012 will bring. It has been one of my best years photography wise, with new clients, new website and having made many connections to fellow photographers.

As I entered 2011 my prospects were bleak, it was shaping up to be a slow year for weddings with not much else to look forward to. The spring brought new opportunities with the green screen set-up in the form of 2 proms and elementary school dance. The response was more than I expected and I can happily say that I secured these events for years to come.

During the summer months I took time to get out and build my portfolio of nature images in hopes to start selling a few. I had several good encounters and came away with a few dozen images I am quite proud of. The response I have gotten from many online albums I have posted of my watercolor series has been great. The experience has given me great hope for 2012 and beyond and inspired me to take more time for nature.

Close up of Lily in watercolor. 2011 David Wornham Photography

Weddings were slow to come in but I was very fortunate to work with several wonderful couples and create beautiful everlasting images of their day. I can say in many cases I made new friends that I stay in touch with. This year also allowed me to photograph a wedding for the first time at a venue I have wanted to visit for years, Indian Ranch in Webster, MA. It was a great experience and can now say I am one of their preferred vendors, it should give me many more opportunities to work there in the coming years.

Brenda & Tim at Indian Ranch. 2011 David Wornham Photography

The fall also brought a new client to my door, one that I had been chasing for nearly a year, 202 Street Hockey. The youth hockey league hosts three seasons each year with over 200 players in all age groups. The key to the success was again the green screen, allowing me to create a custom background for the player photos. The response from parents and the league was more than I could have asked for. Having them as a client will help me in many ways grow my business in the new year and beyond.

2012 will bring many new adventures in photography for me. This year will mark the beginning of my foray into wildlife photography. It will require a significant investment in new equipment and to build a new website dedicated to wildlife images. There are two people that have inspired me to embark on this journey that deserve credit for their photographic ability as well as insight I have received, David Lloyd and Richard Peters. I can only hope someday to capture the same type of images they have and visit some of the locations they've been privileged to photograph wildlife. My ultimate goal is to visit Africa in the next few years when I feel I am prepared photographically.

Golden Pheasant. 2011 David Wornham Photography

On a more personal note, this year has seen my boys grow up faster than I would like to admit. As they get older I find myself becoming more involved in their activities, from managing one of my sons baseball team to coaching my youngest in street hockey. This along with continuing to be a Cub Scout den leader takes up a great deal of my personal time, but I honestly enjoy doing it all.

Everything I have accomplished has been in part because of my wife, who supports me every step of the way. If not for her I would not be where I am in life. She is my co-pilot and probably has more common sense than I do, she helps keep me grounded.

A fond farewell to 2011, it has been a very good year. Now I look forward to what 2012 will bring. Happy New Year!

David Wornham

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